About Us

Welcome to Traditional Timber!

Who We Are

Traditional Timber was founded in 2017 by brothers and co-owners, Andre and Austin Miller, with our dad, Leroy, always there to guide us throughout the journey. Speaking of Dad, it was he, who introduced us to woodworking at an early age, allowing us to naturally develop a passion for the craft. A passion that led us to start our own business!


What We Do

We fall it, We mill it, We dry it, We build it!  It never leaves our hands!

At Traditional Timber, we take pride in all aspects of the business. What does that mean to you? Simply put, we harvest the trees, we prepare the wood, and we build your custom furniture ourselves. We harvest locally sourced trees, taking care to responsibly harvest only mature trees that will allow the forest to continue to grow. We deal, primarily, in hardwoods native to Ohio, such as Oak, Maple, Walnut, Hickory and Cherry. After harvesting, we mill our trees into rough lumber on one of our two log mills. Then, it’s off to the kiln. We dry our wood in our iDry vacuum kiln, that produces a higher quality finish product. We provide hardwood sales for those of you looking for wood for your own projects. Custom board sizes are available! Finally, we use our wood to build you that custom piece of furniture that you’ve been looking for.

Stop into our showroom or contact us, today, to see what we can design for you! We look forward to working with you and hope to design, for you, the perfect piece that you can enjoy for many, many years.

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Meet The Crew

 Austin Miller, Co-owner

Husband and father of two little girls. Austin's love for woodworking began at a early age in his dad's woodshop.  He enjoys being able to take a rough cut piece of wood and turn it into a high quality piece of furniture. He is also known for his signature cutting board designs. Around the shop he is known as Ranger Rick.

Andre Miller Co-owner

Andre Miller, Co-owner

Husband and father of three. As the co-owner of Traditional Timber, Andre is involved in all the aspects of our business. He also learned his woodworking skills from his father.  His favorite part of what Traditional Timber does has got to be the milling of timber...Who doesn't love the smell of saw dust in the morning!


 Leroy Miller, Tree Hunter

He is a husband, father of four and a grandfather of ten.  Leroy does a little bit of everything for Traditional Timber. His main jobs are to find trees, logs and operation of the kiln.  In his younger days he owned and operated a custom furniture business and became a welder where he learned metal fabrication skills.  His theory is why buy it when we can build it.  The skills he has learned over the years are a great asset to Traditional Timber.